Saturday, June 13, 2009

exploding dog.

and then there's

arteest sam brown turns stick figure drawings, based on very short captions or statements other people send in, into (what i think are) profound illustrations about life and stuff. some of them are just really cute (flowers and robots with smiley faces), some are sad, some are hilarious.

you have to click on each little link to see the drawings and i like that you have to connect the title with whatever's in the drawing, even if you don't get it immediately. without the titles, they wouldn't have quite the same meaning. which, i suppose, can be said for many pieces of art, so at this point i'm just a rambling fool.

like this one:

or this:

if i ever doodle, it'll be a stick figure because, well, i'm not someone who's proficient at fine art or anything. but this makes me feel like, even in simplicity, you can find something worth examining, no? it's the little things, like the way a bird's tiny feet hop around on the pavement, that i get a kick out of.

here's a stick figure drawing that my husband made once that always cracks me up, if only because he comes off as a nutjob and i come off as a grumpy lady with medusa hair:

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