Saturday, June 13, 2009


decoupaging is super easy, meditative and makes your stuff purtier (especially old storage boxes or jars).

my method usually involves:

- hunting around at the bins for old children's/science/text books i don't mind ripping pages from because they're already dilapidated. or magazines i already have, of course.

- running to a craft store for mod podge gloss lustre (i like shiny, but matte probably works too) and those cheap little grey sponge brushes with the wooden handle.

- cutting out images from said materials and arranging them pre-glue.

- smoothing thin, thin layer of glue (get out the air pockets) on whatever item i'm working on.

- placing item just so. and the rest of them. and more.

- putting a few more thin layers of glue on top of finished piece.

- being super impressed at what i just made.

a few examples from mi casa:

boring kitchen table turned 70s recipe card extravaganza, child's photo frame and box that holds random pencils/pens.

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