Saturday, June 13, 2009


one of my most favorite sites is

davy rothbart started found magazine, which takes reader submissions of things they'd found on the street, in an old library book, on a streetsign, whatever. i read the print version first and fell in love - now it's like a religious following with me to collect all the zines and books that've resulted. the best part, i think, it not even the object itself, but imagining what the person behind the object was like.

here's a photo reproduced from a beaten up film negative i found once on a sidewalk in se portland. who the heck is this guy? is he camping, scaring his friends with a story about some guy in the woods with a hook for a hand? did the power go out? is he old or young? is he a jerk? judging only his grin i wouldn't think so, but who knows.

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