Sunday, May 2, 2010

color and light.

last night a few of us went down to waterfront park for the cinco de mayo (carnival? fair? festival? whatever - it had rides). i've been reading a little more about exposure and wanted to experiment with leaving the shutter open a little longer (these shutter speeds were between 10-30 seconds, except for the dots - those were just out of focus). i'd seen streaks of color/light accidently in photos i've taken, but rarely deliberately leave the shutter open or lens out of focus to "paint" with my camera. we are. i was hoping to get some typical long, streamy shots of the ferris wheel but the lack of a dedicated tripod meant i'd have to do that later.

street lights on sw first and stark.

lobster ride.

haunted mansion.

some spinny ride i can't remember the name of.

downtown portland street as seen from the top of the ferris wheel.

the ferris wheel.
above photos copyright 2010 by kate blackmore.

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  1. AnonymousMay 02, 2010

    Your photos remind me of the Harold Budd album The Pavilion Of Dreams.