Sunday, March 21, 2010


i've decided this is also going to serve as a photo blog as i try to improve on my lifelong hobby/love (well, since 11ish, when dad gave me my first point and shoot).

i'm hoping to obtain a nikon d90 shortly (my first digital slr) and have my full copy of photoshop coming in the mail (which i haven't used in its full version since college - 9 years ago?). while i love shooting candids of people and bands, will also try to make more of an effort to do portraits, random objects, nature, etc.

i want to try to take at least 1 photo a day (may not post everyday, or every week at that). have been playing with a diana i bought recently and can't wait to see the faded prints. as 2010 is the year of changes and new beginnings for me, such is this. or a new stage, at least.

here are a few i'm proud of - more to come.

joy and caitlin

bela and matthew

ryan and evan


above photos copyright 2010 by kate blackmore.

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