Tuesday, September 22, 2009


love this:

reminds me of my 3-month seasonal stint taking school photos at lifetouch photography. despite all the work that went into setting up all the equipment, trying to get kids to not grit their teeth in a psuedo-smile and having to drive miles every day to a new school - i really enjoyed that job. ok, so it was tiring. and it wasn't the most creative thing ever. but the change of scenery literally every day made it fun. not to mention the random people. (except high school kids. they're buttheads when it comes to yearbook photos.)

more improv here.

for the last two octobers, my friend alan has coerced me into doing a project called "thrill the world," where people all over the world do the thriller dance at the exact same time. our first year had something like 70 dancers in portland, and the second had about 60. we raised money for smyrc, a local resource center for trans, bi, gay and lesbian youth. this year we won't have a planned spot to dance (well, we do, we just aren't telling anyone where yet) because we want it to seem spontaneous (and we don't want to waste time setting up a venue). it'll be a lot of fun, but it's also a TON of work to teach the dance, promote, recruit, etc. i have zero energy right now, so i'm hoping a little bit comes back so i can do this and remember how fun it was the day of.

if you were to do a random act of improv, what would it be? would you sing, dance, act, give hugs?

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