Tuesday, August 18, 2009

beach blanket being.

oh, creativity. you...thing, you.

let's go ahead and say that building sand castles on a beach when you're 30 is creative. or taking photos of everything and anything remotely interesting. or going to the coast without planning anything in advance, which was very difficult for me, being an obsessive planner. this lack of accomodations was simply a by-product of being busy, but i also had to keep telling myself to trust my intuition as we drove down the coast facing a "no vacancy" sign at every little inn or motel - that we'd find a place, it'd be loverly, and just "going with it" would be the best way to relax. and we did. the trip took us a little further south than we thought we'd end up, but if we'd planned, we would've never discovered these new beautiful beaches and towns voluntarily because they're not the types to be hyped up in guides.

there's something pretty freeing about leaving everything behind for a bit. no phone, no toothbrush, no clothes to change into the next day. again, i remind you that i am a planner. everything must be planned. in advance. details must be taken care of. friends call me the mom of the group because always the one who figures out the outings, who brings the sunblock, who makes sure we have way too much food.

i mean, i did bring bubbles, beach toys, a blanket. the important stuff. but even without those things, sitting on the beach running my hands through the sand, waiting for the sun to set behind the clouds - that would've been enough.

above photos copyright 2010 by kate blackmore.

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