Friday, July 10, 2009

before i forget... is pretty amazing. for me, anyway. (thanks, husband!)

yes, i use pandora sometimes. i look up random videos on facebook of songs i already know. but i don't feel like i can browse (or don't try to) for new music and actually have those songs saved online.

i also have this complex that i'm way out of touch with new music, stemming from being a college radio dj for a few years, always looking out for new stuff in high school and never being one to listen solely to mainstream radio (god, this sounds pretentious). everything for me now is word of mouth or listening to old disco or soul (nothing wrong with that) or hanging out at the record store's listening stations hoping i'll find something decent to "go in my ears." i'm 30 now, and not being fully connected to all of this solidifies any insecurities about aging even more, particularly as i'm not playing guitar or singing like i used to having let the busyness of life get in the way.

i love music in perhaps an unhealthy way (or not?). blips and noises and new voices and styles that remind me of other things i've heard but different. i know it's trite to say "i love music" because it seems like such an obvious thing to love, but it does something for my well-being that nothing else does.

in any case, sign up for 25 free songs, get mp3s online for .10 after that or .89 for an actual download. sweet.

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