Friday, June 26, 2009


everytime i look at this abba album cover on my desktop, i giggle. so pretentious, yet so creative. kind of like kathy bates wrapping herself in plastic in fried green tomatoes.

i haven't felt very "creative" lately due to lack of energy (isn't that always the excuse?) but i decided to spend my friday night finally making a dress i've been meaning to put together for a long time. it's from an old bed sheet i found at a thrift store for $4.50 and i didn't go from a pattern. i prefer wrapping things around and pinning and cutting and smidging until it all looks right, which, i think, takes a lot of patience. (let's be clear - so do patterns - but a free-for-all sewing job takes a little longer to make it look like something i wouldn't only wear around the house.)

i've done this before (sans pattern) and sometimes things come out really great, and other times they're atrocious and i give up. or i rework what i was originally making into something different.

if i'm going to get on a soapbox, i'll say that being creative takes time, it takes energy, it takes flexibility and open-mindedness that even if it doesn't turn out exactly the way you thought when you intitially started, it's still valid and can still be pretty awesome.

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