Friday, June 19, 2009

turn, turn, turn.

i'm getting sleepy so i won't go into this too much, except that tonight after thai food on alberta, alan walked us over to a little art show in an unassuming gallery off of 32nd and prescott (false front studio), where we saw a young woman named stephanie simek perform on a turntable.

she'd prepared a record player to have something like 8 arms/needles with some wood and clamps, on top of 4 different records of varying sizes, so that one needle could be on each layer as the records became smaller.

the needles seemed to stay in one spot once they were positioned, so that the sounds that resonated repeated over and over. there were birds chirping, frogs ribbiting, things being dragged across the floor, squeaks, scratches, noises that somehow turned into beats. as she moved the needles occasionally, one sound would overtake the others, like a prima ballerina coming out on stage in front of the rest of the dance troupe, but only for a few minutes and then back again.

people gathered around her, sitting and standing, closing their eyes to just listen to the layers upon layers of sound, occassionally peaking to see how she was moving the arms. it *sort of* looked like this:

just a little more complicated and diy (i was excited when i saw what she was doing because i'd just seen yuri suzuki's video a few weeks ago).

loosely reminds me of seeing the books a few years ago (was it holocene?) - a really amazing show to see live just to see where all the layers come from (and because they had a perfectly synched slide show going on behind them).

my favorite books song (and a few others i like):

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